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Competition Teams

Gymnastics | Dance

Competitive dance or gymnastics can be a fun, rewarding and exciting experience for the whole family! Attending dance competitions or gymnastics meets gives parents and other family members a chance to show their support for the child as they enjoy watching the child’s progress and development. We are proud to offer programs that benefit our students with character building, physical fitness, time management skills, team mentality, and personal best attributes!

Students with previous dance or gymnastics training can be evaluated upon enrollment.




Byrd’s is a USA Gymnastics member club. Our competitive gymnasts are chosen from our recreational gymnastics classes, which serve as a building block to our competition teams. There is no off-season for competitive gymnastics. A commitment to year round training is essential for your gymnast to reach their full potential in our competitive program.

HOT SHOTS: The Hot Shots program is a year round program with enrollment by invitation only. The focus is on skill development, form and technique, and the introduction of learning structured routines. Hot Shots gymnasts are required to workout for a minimum of 2 days per week ranging from 1-2 hours. There are three “in-house” competitions per season. “In-house” competitions are hosted at Byrd’s and provide a very low pressure and exciting introduction to competitions outside of Byrd’s.


KANSAS CITY LEAGUE: The Kansas City League program is comprised of and governed by Kansas City area gyms and other gyms from the surrounding region. Kansas City League competitive gymnasts are required to workout for a minimum of 2 days per week ranging from 4-5 hours. All competitions for Kansas City League will be within the greater Kansas City area and are hosted by various local gymnastics clubs. The competitions are low-pressure, exciting and are a wonderful entry to competitive gymnastics. Kansas City League gymnasts participate in four Kansas City League meets, three “In-house” meets and League Championship.


USAG COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS: Byrd’s USAG Level 3 and UP Competitive Gymnastics Teams is a selected group of gymnasts that compete in various Junior Olympic level gymnastics meets within the region. USAG competitive gymnasts are required to workout for a minimum of 3 days per week ranging from 8-13 hours. Most competitions for the USAG teams will be within the greater Kansas City area and are hosted by various local gymnastics clubs; however some of the meets may be outside the Kansas City metro. Gymnasts will participate in eight meets in addition to the State Championship for those that qualify. 




TUMBLE TEAM: Byrd’s Competitive Tumbling Team is a selected group of tumblers that compete at meets held by the National Acrobatic Competitions (NAC). Students learn a routine that consists of three tumbling passes. The routine they will learn is based on their skill level. Members of the Tumbling Team must be enrolled in one weekly tumbling class. Skills are worked on in class. Passes are worked on at Friday practices. Tumblers will participate in four meets located around Kansas City.




Byrd’s Hip Hop Crew and Company Dance are competitive, invitation-only dance teams. Students are recommended by their dance teachers to join the either team.

Members participate in regional dance competitions; focus on improving their dance technique and performance level; and make a year round commitment to dance training. Dancers are required to attend at least one dance convention each year where they will take classes from Master Teachers.

Dancers attend three to five regional competitions throughout the year and may travel outside the Kansas City area to attend Nationals.

Students compete in large or small groups. Within each group, the teacher or choreographer places dancers in the routines for which they are selected to compete. Costumes, entry fees and convention fees are additional expenses incurred by Company participants.



HIP HOP CREW-generally range from ages 5-12, compete in one to two routines. First year members typically compete in one routine in order to learn the role of a dance team member. This level dancer is focusing on developing strong skills such as performance, technique and memorization. Hip Hop Crew members must take one Hip Hop class and one performance based class per week.


COMPANY DANCE TEAM-generally range from ages 7-up, compete two to four routines. Dance Team students are also highly encouraged to participate in at least one solo, duet, trio, or small group. This level dancer should show a high interest in dance and demonstrate dedication in perfecting their talents. Core classes are required in Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary. Additional technique and rehearsal classes are also required.                                                                             



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